Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summary for Craft Inspirations found on Aug. 11, 2012

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We found 104 freebies today. Enjoy!

Welcome to my new blog. This blog will be the result of searching for potential creative ideas, in the craft area. Some will be tutorials, some only an idea, some will be patterns, etc. All found in some wonderful sites that I am creating a list for looking daily using my specialized search engine. (If you are familiar with my scrapbook site, you know what I mean: my engine goes around the internet to try to find things on that particular subject.) I hope you enjoy!

I am still working on the program and the layout to improve the quality of the findings and the layout of the blog.

First time visitor? Welcome here. Hope you come back. Please, always check the designer's terms of use.

My engine is not perfect. So, sometimes when the engine thinks there is a craft-related project... well the project might not be there... Please, do not blame the designer for that.

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  1. PLEASE STOP SPAMMING MY BLOG WITH YOUR COMMENTS. I think it's dishonest to try and up your pageviews by leaving 6 links on mine. Please stop or I will take further action.

    1. No problem. I removed these blogs from my list:; Please, let me know if you have others so I can remove them also. The comments are sent automatically by my engine, and hopefully to different posts. I can see that you have 2 blogs. Most likely the engine sent 2 comments for each of the possible 3 posts it found. I apologize, and hopefully it will not happen again. If it does, please let me know (it means that I did not remove all your blogs from my list). Thanks.